The Different Styles of Women’s Wedges

If you love wearing women’s wedges, then I am pretty sure that you know the types and different styles of it. Yes, when it comes to women’s wedges you have tons of options, and it is very important that you know what exact pair of wedge shoes you want to buy as this shoes differ in heights, colors and materials. Women’s wedges are a great substitute to your stiletto or traditional high heel. With wedge shoes, you will get the height you want while getting on the comfort your feet needs.

So, for those women out there that don’t exactly know what wedge shoe to wear, let me give you some idea of the different kinds of the women’s wedges shoe available in the market today.

The Casual Wedges

For casual look, the Espadrille wedges are the best choice. These shoes, normally, have a rope sole and are made up of cloth on the top. It is comfortable for everyday use and chic. Espradilles wedges are considered as one of the hottest fashion accessory during summer, so make sure that you choose that has a bright color or a fun print. Another option is wearing clog- inspired wedges. These shoes are fashionable, extremely comfortable and perfect for a daytime wear.

The Unexpected Wedges

If you don’t want to show off too much off your feet, the best women’s wedges to wear are the peep- toe wedges. This can certainly makes your feet breathe more as compared to any other wedge shoes. Peep- toed wedges comes in many different materials such as leather or patent leather which are ideal to wear in a formal or dressier event. Other wedges in this category that you may opt to wear are the cut- out or sandal wedge and sky- high wedge style which make you appear super tall but still provides you a maximum level of comfort.

Fashion – forward Women’s wedges

Make a fashion statement with the Oxford wedges. It is awedge shoe that come with or without laces. It comes in variety of styles and colors letting you select the one you like the best. These shoes keep the playing field level, literally. There is no heel. The entire sole of the shoe is elevated but the same height. Not only will you be fashion-forward but imagine how much easier walking will be!

The winter- wear wedge shoes

Women’s wedge shoe are hot in fashion trend during summer season. However, there are winter wedge shoes that you can use for colder days such as the wedge boots which are a great alternative for high heel boots. These shoes can provide you a feminine look and are more comfortable. There are different styles for winter wedge shoes, just like any boots, you can opt for wearing an ankle wedge boots, taller boot, peep toe, or anything else you can imagine.

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